Grease Trap Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, sewer and drain lines are going to clog. We have added sewer and drain cleaning service. We have found our customers like being able to call one company that offers both services. We go out and assess the situation and then send either a pump truck to clean the grease trap or a sewer and drain technician to unclog the lines. No more having to pay for both services when only one is needed. We have both a mechanical sewer cleaning machine and a high pressure hot water jetter to provide any service you need.


Total-C is a water soluble formulation containing ingredients that produce a pleasant, fresh citrus scent which eliminate the source of odors and keeps your drains smelling fresh. A small amount goes a long way toward maintaining an odor free atmosphere that all will appreciate! Total-C combines all natural citrus based liquefiers and active enzymes with natural oil eating bacteria to instantly emulsify grease, oils and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkaline or solvents. Total-C is a professional drain maintaining product. For household drains, septic systems & commercial applications. It is an exclusive formula specifically designed to keep your drains flowing free and smelling fresh. It's the best way to keep clogs from reoccurring.


American Waste Removal has been proudly serving New Mexico and Southern Colorado since 1974.  We clean grease traps and also offer commercial sewer and drain cleaning services with both mechanical cleaning and high pressure hot water jetting. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a family owned and operated business and we look forward to serving you! We know you'll be happy with our fast and professional service.

Grease traps are designed to catch grease and food particle from the three compartment sink and dish washer. Once the grease enters the trap it floats to the top and the food particle drops to the botton of the trap. The outlet line of the trap is located in a position in the grease trap where it lets only the water escape. The grease trap does not catch 100% of the grease, some will escape into lines running to the sewer. Regular service of your grease trap helps prevent backups. When the trap is full of grease and food, it has nowhere to go but into the city sewer which results in backups and fines from your municipality. The little bit of grease and food particle that escaped from the trap will, over time, clog your lines.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning